Cosmetics Verified by EWG

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Cosmetics, Ethical, Active

These are the three words that best define FRIDDA DORSCH’s enterprising nature and commitment.

All the treatments, including body, facial and hair treatments, have been developed using natural, organic and bio-sustainable active ingredients to deliver maximum benefits for the skin while respecting the environment by avoiding the use of substances with possible harmful health or environmental effects.

Certified by EWG

FD is the first European firm certified by EWG™ (Environmental Working Group), the US-based non-profit, non-partisan organisation altruistically dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. This certification gives consumers objective and independent confirmation that these products meet the strictest health and environmental standards.

Why EWG?



What Products do we have?

FRIDDA DORSCH products are 90% composed of natural ingredients of the utmost purity and quality and are formulated with the most advanced biotechnological systems to enhance their absorption, effectiveness and safety for all types of skin, even the most sensitive.

The scientific team that guarantees and certifies the highest possible quality for FRIDDA DORSCH products always chooses and selects its ingredients with the approval and certification of the current national and international health authorities.

With full transparency in its labelling, and in compliance with the most ethical rules and policies, we aim to provide new alternatives to consumers who are looking for healthy, effective and safe products.

EWG’s mission, on its part, is to carry out research and assessments to help consumers and inform them about the potential health risks of products for personal consumption, including food products.



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