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This month is full of surprises at Fridda Dorsch.

The first one we will disclose today is the new Serum Booster.

Your best ally for moisturising, illuminating, nourishing and protecting your skin. Find out all about its many functions, and don’t hesitate to include it in your beauty routine. Achieve silky skin all year round.

This is what the new Booster Serum is like.

You will love its texture and results. But what will undoubtedly surprise you the most now are all its ingredients, particularly its guaranteed-stability, Japanese-patented stabilised Vitamin C with clarifying action, as well as the 1.25 million Saffron Stem Cells in each container. It also includes ultra-moisturising Hyaluronic Acid as well as a natural bio-defence prebiotic that protects your skin from infection, inflammation and irritation, contributing to a healthier skin.

In summary:


If you still need more reasons to try it, here is another important one: You can use it alone or as a booster. In other words, you can mix it with your moisturising cream to create a synergy that reinforces the action of your cream. You will notice an immediate effect, and your skin will be soft to the touch.

In addition, and following the philosophy of the Go Organic line, SERUM BOOSTER is free from irritating preservatives, parabens, PEGs, silicones, sulfates, oils, alcohol and perfume. The packaging is airless in order to keep all the actions of the product intact until it reaches the skin, in order to take full advantage of its content.

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