A  tradition of continuous innovation

Dermocosmetics company specializing in antiaging treatments for environmentally friendly skin and hair care and health


Fridda Dorsch (+ Farma Dorsch) was founded in 1983, when its founder, Ana Fridda Dorsch, Doctor in Natural Medicine from the University of Florida, decided to create an anti-aging dermatological line inspired in nature to alleviate the symptoms of an incurable autoimmune disease that caused premature aging of her skin.

That was where it all began. The firm’s first line grew to become a broad range of eco-friendly hair, face and body products to meet every skin and hair need.

One of Fridda’s main objectives has always been to create allergen-free treatments of exceptional quality and proven efficacy for her skin problems, a goal that led to anti-aging treatments for all skin types, but especially designed for sensitive skin.

At present, + Farma Dorsch retains the same brand values originally held by the firm in the 1980s

Effective and Healthy


The company’s scientific team pursues utmost quality, choosing only active ingredients officially approved and certified by the respective national and international health authorities and submitting them to thorough testing and physical, chemical and microbiological controls in the Department of Quality Control, Research and Developmental Innovation of our Group.

  • FD adheres to the  12 principles of GREEN CHEMISTRY to achieve optimal EFFICACY and HEALTH.
  • Clean Beauty. Formulations based on plant- and marine-based active ingredients, as well as oils rich in vitamin complexes, necessary to maintain the natural balance of healthy skin that is well cared for.
  • Zero toxins. Fridda Dorsch avoids substances and/or treatments with possible harmful effects for health and the environment, such as sulfates, sensitizing chemical preservatives, formaldehyde releasers, silicones, PEGs, parabens, colorants and allergens.
  • + Farma Dorsch is the first European dermocosmetic firm to have products verified by EWG®, an American nonprofit organization that monitors and confirms compliance with the strictest criteria for human health and environmental protection.

Ethical Cosmetics


ETHICAL cosmetics has the goal of designing ECO-FRIENDLY and EFFECTIVE formulations while also informing consumers in a CLEAR and RESPONSIBLE manner. Misleading advertising is considered illegal and unfair, and often unduly influences consumer behavior.

Since its founding, + Farma Dorsch has been firmly committed to providing clear, up-to-date information at its points of sale, on its packages, and in its social media and website content.

We are Sustainable


SUSTAINABILITY is part of the Fridda Dorsch DNA, and the company is proud to care for people and the planet through its products and processes.

The firm has received numerous awards and accolades from various organizations and media for its exemplary focus on sustainability, due to its social and economic engagement and its responsible use of environmental resources and renewable feedstocks.

Special attention has been paid to packaging and its environmental impact, with containers designed to use airless system packaging principles for optimal shelf-life and maximum efficacy of active ingredients, complete utilization of the product and a lower ecological footprint, both in manufacturing and subsequent processing.

Products are packed in recyclable containers, and product cartons are certified by FSC, an organization devoted to sustainable forest management. The firm also works with ECOEMBES, a nonprofit organization that recycles packaging waste throughout Spain.

Made in Spain


Despite its German name, FRIDDA DORSCH is a 100% SPANISH company.

All Fridda Dorsch + Farma Dorsch processes (research, formulation, manufacturing and packaging) are carried out in Spain and undergo extensive physical, chemical and microbiological testing and controls in the Quality Control Unit of the Research, Innovation and Development Center of the Group.

The dermaceutical group relies on continual guidance from a team of dermatologists, cosmetologists, pharmacists and chemists, building a solid product reputation through rigorous manufacturing standards and indisputable results with the best active ingredients: CLEAN BEAUTY.

The Spanish firm is fully family-owned and operated, which allows for smooth, rapid and flexible decision-making, in keeping with a steady commitment over time.

In 2000, Ana Fridda Dorsch handed over the reins of the company to the next generation and 3 of her 8 children currently hold management positions: Coral, Managing Director; Isabel, Production Manager; and Sonia, Director of Sales and Communication.



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