V Active vegetable ingredients Preservatives allowed to be used in Natural / Organic Cosmetics
- Toxic Ingredients, Chemical Filters, Petrochemicals, Comedogenic, Silicones, Parabens, Alcohol, Preservatives, Fragrance and Alcohol


Day cream based on physical and biological filters – free of chemical filters

  • Based on physical filters, acting by reflection and blocking UVA, UVB and IR sun rays, without penetrating the skin’s surface
  • Light, non-greasy, and odor-less components, suitable for acne-prone skin
  • Prevents wrinkles and blemishes from forming
  • Improves skin hydration
  • Easily applied, the cream takes effect immediately unlike creams with chemical filters
  • Suitable even for the most sensitive or prone to acne skins
  • The anti-oxidative biological filters are helping to boost the immune system of the skin, providing high cellular protection against photo aging
  • Unscented and allergen-free

Airless Container 50 ml


Day Cream based only on PHYSICAL AND BIOLOGICAL SPF30

Boots immune skin system. Antiaging with sun-protection.


  • Vitamin B3 – Niacinamida: Essential role in the DNA repair of the skin. Antiaging, soothing and anti-inflammatory agent
  • Anti-oxidative biological filters: Helps to boost the immune system of the skin, providing high cellular protection against photo aging and avoiding dark spots formation on the skin
  • Physical filters: Protect the skin against UVA/UVB acting as a screen, without penetrating the skin and with immediate action

Apply directly to the skin during sunshine hours. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones and acne-prone skin. External use. Avoid direct contact with eyes.


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