ANTI-HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO-POLLUTION SHIELD - Normal to greasy hair - (200 ML)
ANTI-HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO-POLLUTION SHIELD - Normal to greasy hair - (200 ML)
ANTI-HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO-POLLUTION SHIELD - Normal to greasy hair - (200 ML)
ANTI-HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO-POLLUTION SHIELD - Normal to greasy hair - (200 ML)
V Suitable preservatives for natural and organic cosmetics. Pollustop active ingredient
- Silicones, sulfates, petrochemicals, allergens, PEGs, parabens or alcohol.

ANTI-HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO-POLLUTION SHIELD – Normal to greasy hair – (200 ML)

Go Organic anti-hair loss, anti-aging shampoo with vitamins. Formulated with vitamins B5, B6, biotin and zinc. Cleans and treats hair healthily without damaging it. Ideal for normal to oily hair.


  1. Cleans hair effectively and gently with plant-based nonsensitizing cleaning agents
  2. Stimulates growth
  3. Reduces hair loss: Increases blood circulation, regulates and controls sebaceous secretion and alopecia
  4. Enhances the density, thickness, volume and health of weak or aged hair.
  5. Nourishes fine and/or damaged hair naturally

200 ml Airless container – Available also in 500 ml
1st Eco-friendly Airless Container.

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Vitamin-enriched shampoo, ideal for hair loss. No silicones, sulfates, petrochemicals, PEGs, parabens or alcohol. Normal to greasy hair.

Treated hair, thinning, lack of gloss, loss of density and volume (anti-aging shampoo).
Recommended for all kinds of hair, including weak or fine types. Ideal for normal to oily hair
Efficacy Test*

  • 84% reduction in hair loss
  • 94% more volume
  • 83% frizz reduction
  • 92% more gloss
  • 90% more hydrated
  • 94% less frizziness, easier to style


  • Go Organic Shampoo from + Farma Dorsch, sulfate- and alcohol-free, is developed from ingredients rated as 1 or 2 (scale 1 to 10, from less to more toxic), i.e., those most “friendly” from the standpoint of irritation and harsh environments.
  • Certified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization. Alternative for clients seeking effective products made from carefully selected, healthier ingredients.
  • Active ingredients include: Vitamins B5, B6, biotin and zinc.
  • Antipollution active ingredient: Forms a physical shield on skin, protecting from pollution (Pollustop®)
  • Other active ingredients:
    • Biotin (vit. H), caffeine, vitamin B6 and zinc salts
    • Acai and argan oils and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)
    • Highly nourishing, highly antioxidant omega-3s.
    • Allergen-free fragrance synthesized from orange blossom and ylang-ylang flowers.
    • Preservative approved for natural products.



  1. Wash hair regularly. Massage gently for several minutes. Rinse with plenty of water and repeat the process a second time.
  2. Upon completion, apply Go Organic Conditioner to ends and rinse. Go Organic Oils are also recommended for mask treatments (it is important to rinse hair later, as the oils are 100% natural).
    *Because the shampoo is formulated only with natural soaps and no sulfates, if hair was previously shampooed with a conventional silicone shampoo, less lather may be noticed during shampooing.
    However, all built-up residue left on hair by other shampoos and/or conditioners will be gradually removed from the very first wash.
    As of the third or fourth wash, more lather will be noticed and hair will stay clean and free-flowing for longer with less hair loss.
    For external use only. Avoid eye contact.


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