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Fridda Dorsch is a top-quality Dermocosmetic Laboratory founded in Spain (Europe) in response to the increasing demand in Europe for NATURAL HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS for face, body and hair.

Its founder, Dr. Ana Fridda Dorsch, is a creative and modern woman as well as the first Spanish Doctor in Natural Medicine in the University of Florida (USA).

Her interest in this area was due to her relentless hope to overcome her rare illness: a sever oedema that causes premature skin aging when she was only 30.


She experimented with different natural extracts, and was able to test that her skin became recovering a much younger outlook, without having any allergic reaction, which normally happened to her when applying any other kind of products.

Her sudden improvement, encouraged Fridda to move to Paris, where, based on her previous experimental work, she created specific antiaging formulations.

This dedicated effort, finally concluded with the creation of FRIDDA DORSCH LABORATORIES, engaged in the development of a complete dermocosmetic line, with STRONG REGENERATING and well proven HYPOALLERGENIC PROPERTIES, BASED ON NATURAL EXTRACTS.


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