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From what age can you use the GO ORGANIC SHAMPOO?

Shampoo Go Organic is a shampoo that effectively and gently cleanses hair with non-sensitizing cleaning agents of plant origin, without parabens, silicones, sulfates or ethoxylated substances (Peg’s).

These Surfactants have an excellent toxicological profile and dermal compatibility and are accepted by the main Certification Bodies of natural cosmetics. That is why we advise it for ALL TYPES OF AGES, as we have obtained excellent results that are seen from the 3rd / 4th wash onwards.

Why do we it is ANTI-AGE?

In addition to the surfactants that clean the hair, the Go Organic Revitalizing Shampoo from Farma Dorsch contains the following assets: Vegetable Keratin (Phyto-Keratin): 18 Amino acids obtained from plant substances in the concentrations in which they are in the natural Keratin itself Hair, Biotin (VIt. H), Caffeine, Vitamin B6 and Zinc Salts, Acai Oils, Argan and Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Omega 3,6 and 9 with very high antioxidant power

The Synthetic Perfume of orange blossom and Ylang-Ylang without allergens and its Preservative approved for natural products

All these assets COMBAT the main hair problems that are usually accompanied by AGE, such as: THE FALL, THE LOSS OF VOLUME, BRIGHTNESS….


Being a shampoo formulated only with natural soaps and without sulfates, if the previous washings have been performed with a conventional silicone shampoo, less foam can be seen during washing.

However, from the 1st wash all the accumulative waste that other shampoos and / or conditioners have left on the hair will be removed.

Finally, from the 3rd or 4th wash, greater foaming will be appreciated, keeping the hair clean and loose for longer and a noticeable lower hair loss.

Is it necessary to use an Eye Contour?

The answer is yes. In the eye contour, specific treatments MUST be used, since it is an area of the skin different from the rest of the face.

An ideal eye contour must meet the following premises:

  1. pH correct:The pH of our tear is 7, while in the rest of the face we have a 5.5 so it is common irritations/allergies to occur when products with an inadequate pH are applied.
  2. low fat. Not to encourage the formation of bags.
  3. Assets* that help decontract the lines and wrinkles of expression that are formed in this area by gestures.
  4. With nutrients* that help decontract the lines and wrinkles of expression that are formed in this area by gestures.

*Advisable assets and nutrients in an eye contour: Chamomile, Hesperidin, Buckwheat, Organic Silicon, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Ginseng Root, Caffeine, Rose Water, Urea

Do I have to clean my skin if I don't put on makeup?

Of course. Not putting on makeup does not mean that the skin does not get dirty. The skin gets dirty daily for different reasons (contact, our own sebum / sweat, pollution, free radicals …)

Young and healthy skin needs a daily cleaning twice a day. When the skin is not cleaned well, it begins to lose light and ages faster.

Depending on your skin type and / or needs there are different products (soaps, soap-free gels, tonics, micellar water, foam without rinsing …)

At what age should you start using a wrinkle cream?

There is no biological age to use creams. It is our skin, when the first (fine) wrinkles appear, usually in the eye area, that indicate the moment.

The first ritual that must be followed is that of a good cleaning, followed by hydration and nutrition.

I'M PREGNANT. Can I use your products?

All our products can be used during pregnancy and lactation because it is a topical use.

In fact, most of our treatments (firming milk, ultranutritive, anti-stretch marks) are highly recommended by specialists for these cases of weight changes.


You should not replace a SERUM with a CREAM daily, unless you have very oily and acne-prone skin or in a distorted moment seek specific effect.

Our skin needs different textures and benefits. To choose a treatment well, it is essential to know our skin and its needs, which may vary according to the time of year, stress, food …

As we say above, although on certain occasions we can choose to use one or the other product, a COMPLETE HEALTHY treatment must carry both products, since each one brings different assets, thus guaranteeing the effectiveness and benefits of them on the skin.

Therefore, the steps to follow daily for healthy skin should be:


Both products are complementary:

Clarify that there are some SERUMS boosters, asset enhancers, which can also be used by mixing them directly with the cream.

We recommend this article:

Can the same cream be used for day and night?

Yes you can. But it is important to remember that:
1. If we go outside we must use protection. Depending on where and what exposure we are going to have, we must use one or the other protection.
2. Nourishing or treatment creams have been recommended to always use at night, because it is the time we least gesticulate and the skin is more prepared to absorb the active ingredients.

When does a product expire?

Formerly the creams had the expiration date specified with a legend that said “Consume preferably before …”.

Today, the European Union does not require that cosmetic products with a date of use less than 30 months, carry it. In its place should be “an indication of the period that can pass after the opening of the package without causing the product any harm to the consumer”, is what we call the symbol PAO (from the English Period After Opening).
It is a graphic symbol that identifies the shelf life of a cosmetic product since it is first opened.

This symbol is represented by an open cosmetic jar on which a number of months that take to spoil after opening is printed.

Do you do animal tests?

Our Cosmetics is NOT Animal, not tested on animals or with ingredients of this origin.


In cosmetics, there are European standards that prohibit the use of animals to test ingredients, so now they are tested in vitro and in vivo (in people).

As for the use of products of animal origin, in fact, it is an issue that today is not totally eradicated; because although much progress has been made, there are still ingredients that are only obtained by animal origin and / or what is more “common”, since this is a change that entails a higher cost, many cosmetic laboratories are not willing to assume it and prefer keep the one of animal origin.

In Fridda Dorsch we use assets of plant origin, because in them we have always found the most attractive and most effective properties. They are also better tolerated for their affinity with our skin (each asset has studies that support its effectiveness). The formulas include preservatives, perfumes and texturizing agents, with the aim that the vegetable ingredients are stabilized and preserved so that they maintain their properties with the utmost respect for nature.

In addition to plant ingredients, we use marine ingredients (such as seaweed, collagen and marine elastin) and biocosmetics (for example, “hyaluronic acid” was obtained from the rooster’s crest, however, thanks to biocosmetics, it is now synthesized in the laboratory).

How do I know if a product is of good quality?

The Spanish agency of medicines and health products requires that the packaging of cosmetic products indicate their INCI.

With this information you can see the active ingredients and proportions that contain your cosmetic, information that helps to check the quality of it.

The INCI, for its acronym in English: International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, is a system based on scientific names and other languages, such as Latin and English to name the Cosmetic Ingredients that the product contains

The basic INCI rules that interest us most are:

• All ingredient names must be in Latin.
• The ingredients have to be listed according to their quantity in decreasing order. IMPORTANT, because the first ingredient that appears on the list is the one that is found in the highest amount in the product, the second one has the smallest amount and so on to the last one whose amount in the shampoo will be the smallest. HERE IS WHERE WE CAN SEE THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT.
• For the cosmetic dyes the number CI (Color Index) must be used in the ingredient labeling. This IC number is therefore the INCI designation of said ingredients.

If you are interested in knowing more and studying how to differentiate each ingredient here is the INCI list that the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products has on its page:

Peeling / Biodegradable Products

Hundreds of tons of plastic macroparticles present in the remains of cosmetics are thrown down the drain every day, which contaminate a wide variety of marine and freshwater wildlife.

Scientists and environmentalists have begun to ask the industry to stop using polyethylene microbeads in their products, but with minimal results, since a relatively small number of companies have publicly agreed to eliminate them gradually over a period of several years.

In Fridda Dorsch, we use ECOCERT biodegradable (totally spherical) exfoliating mycospheres in our creams. It is the best eco-sustainable alternative to replace the polyethylene particles commonly used by the cosmetic industry, while maintaining the same efficiency. It can be quickly biodegraded by natural processes such as bacterial degradation or sunlight. Same as with leaves and organic material (biomass)

What sun protection should we use?

As for the type of protection, it depends on the exposure time as well as the circumstances of each one, such as if we are undergoing medical treatments such as laser or medication that produces a greater photo-sensitivity in the skin, which we must then apply the maximum that is 50.

In normal cases, it is important to remember that we must protect ourselves from the sun’s rays throughout the year, but it is also true that the needs vary according to the aggressiveness of the sun and the time we are exposed.

For example, for daily use in any season a protection factor 20 guarantees a very effective daily protection and prevents stains, premature aging and protects the pore from pollution. However, to go to the beach or ski we must change to a spf 50 protector that will keep us protected for longer.

Radiotherapy patients

On the one hand, Radiotherapy eliminates diseased cells but on the other hand it can and usually affects healthy tissues that are in the treatment area depending on the area being treated, the dose and the susceptibility of each person.


Normally yes, but it will recover better and faster if you take care of specific products from the first moment and for the entire duration of the treatment.


• Keep the area always very dry doing it gently with small touches without rubbing
• Wear cotton clothes that do not fit the skin
• Totally avoid sun exposure in the treated area and use high sun protection creams. (Well, the treated areas are very sensitive to the sun.)
• Apply creams with specific moisturizing, soothing and regenerating active ingredients without sensitizing ingredients.


1.- Cream with 50+ sun protection in the treated area every time you go outside: 50 + DNA Protection from Farma Dorsch
2.- ULTRANUTRITIVE Cream (repairing) from Farma Dorsch to help repair the cellular damage that occurs in the skin, restore the hydrolipidic barrier and soothe the sensation of irritation
3.- ALOE GEL is also very moisturizing and soothing

In conclusion, it is essential to take special care in the area to be treated, from the moment of the start of the treatment to minimize the side effects that may appear, as well as enhance the results in cases of aesthetic laser treatments.

Can I take SAMBHALA (anti-aging food supplement) if I have a disease or I am taking medication?

Our Medical Department indicates that Sambahla is indicated for a healthy general population and there is no counter-indication for this treatment.

Its formulation has been reviewed by the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) and has a scientific-medical evaluation report issued by doctors specializing in dermatology, internal medicine and clinical anti-aging research at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid. Additionally, SAMBHALA has been evaluated by the Federal Agency for Public Health, Food Chain Safety and the Environment of Brussels. All this guarantees that SAMBHALA is a totally safe, reliable and effective product.

However, in chronic processes or specific pathologies for which the product is not indicated, our recommendation is that you consult your specialist doctor first.


We advise that from 18 years of age, based on the recommendations made by the World Health Organization for Recommended Daily Quantities (RDA) of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as the minimum dose to be consumed from a nutrient to stay healthy.

These amounts (RDA) (RDA for Recommended Dietary Allowances), expressed by sex and age and modified for situations such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of virtually all healthy people.


What do anti-aging food supplements do and what are they for?

A food supplement is a supplement of substances that, such as vitamins, minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the body, and should be present in our daily diet.

Who are they indicated for?

The indication to complement our diet with this type of supplements, arises for situations in which we are subjected to a demanding pace of life, with unhealthy habits such as sedentary lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep or diet rich in saturated and / or low fat in fundamental nutrients.

How long do you have to take them for?

It depends on the habits that the person is able to maintain. As a complement, it helps to compensate situations of scarce contributions of nutrients, physical, mental, psychic or emotional exhaustion that suppose fatigue or low vitality.

In normal cases, it is recommended to take it for 3 months in a row, with a break of 1 month.

Additionally, in the changes of season, it is a good help to habituate the body to “readjust”.

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